Zahra A. Lakhani



In 2001 life took an unexpected turn when my newborn child was diagnosed as special needs. This led me to invest most of my time into unlocking the secrets of giving him proper developmental skills and education, as well and focus more in his abilities, rather then disabilities which he was born with. During my research on Down Syndrome and through raising a Down Syndrome child, I came across a major concern and common issue with society of the “acceptance” and “awareness” for handling and educating people with disabilities. During my phase of advocating for disability in community, my voice was heard in many ways.


Sonazeb, Inc.
Richmond, VA

Owner, Style by Zahra

  • Style by Zahra is the first and largest establishment in Virginia for its kind of business
  • Combines business with school for a diverse environment


Style by Zahra International School of Beauty
Richmond, VA

Owner, DPOR Licensed Instructor

  • Business and school combine, developing dynamic individuals and providing full training and job security within the company for over a decade
  • Utilized business connections to train young women with social skills and improve communication through a Summer “Back to School Program”



Professional Photographer

  • Studio Manager with Photo Corp of America, 1993-1998
  • Worked in partnership with LifeTouch Studios 1998-2001
  • Raised $13,000 in two weeks for the Children’s Miracle Network by selling personal photographs, and was profiled by local news organizations 2000
  • Currently pursuing personal business ventures

Disability Issues Caucus for Democrats of VA
Richmond, VA

Caucus Member

  • Influences and provides feedback on public policy concerning those with disabilities, with a goal of community service and improvement
  • Currently serving the governmental organization, focusing on bringing awareness and acceptance of those with disabilities to the public.

Lion’s Club
Karachi, Pakistan

Vice President

  • Worked as Vice President in charge of operations in the Lion’s Club division in Karachi, Pakistan at the age of 16. Was elected to the position by peers.


St. Lawrence Girls College
Karachi, Pakistan

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in Society

  • Minor in Home Economics

J Sergeant Reynolds Community College
Richmond, VA

Associates Degree in Photography