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Beautypreneur Testimonial: Kenyada of Queen Rising


In 2006, I decided to pursue my dreams and complete my formal education to earn my license. I succeeded and began working at a chain salon and private salon before opening my very own business. Having sat in on a few of the presentations for the first LBBEF class, I picked up on so much information that I could later implement in my own business.

What really changed my way of thinking was my attendance at the very first Master Pioneer Awards ceremony. One of the common themes that permeated the award recipients’ speeches was that of loss – the loss of relationships. Sacrifice – the sacrifice that you make with your time in order to be successful. Well, success was not that important to me. I wanted to be a dedicated wife and involved mother. Certainly, it is possible to do and be all of these things, but I was convinced otherwise.

While operating my salon, I was at a place where I was really ready to be a family woman. The masculinity involved in “hustling” was draining for me. I didn’t like the idea of “no sick days” or no “paid time off”. Can you tell that I came from the corporate world? Fast forward two years in and I was ready to marry and fast forward a few months after that…I was pregnant. I needed insurance to cover costs and I needed sick time. None of this would be possible given the current stage of my business…and so I let it go.

I went back to the corporate world, but soon discovered (thanks to the Creator) that my purpose was that of uplifting, inspiring and helping women embrace the power that is femininity. You see, this is what I was doing from behind the chair while owning my business. Now, I do it online via my blog.

Being exposed to a network of successful beauty entrepreneurs helped me make a pivotal decision in terms of my business, but most importantly my purpose.

My name is Kenyada and I am a Queen Rising.