Become a Beautypreneur


LB Beauty Education Foundation, Inc. (LBBEF) is an organization of beauty industry and business professionals committed to sharing our knowledge so that others in our field may intellectually develop the various skills required to be successful in business. We believe that education is the foundation for success. We are committed to providing you with the necessary tools to develop yourself and/or your business.

The business world is very diverse, yet each business, regardless of size, operates using similar, universal principles that support its success. LBBEF believes it is vital to learn and develop these universal skills in order to succeed. To accomplish this mission, LBBEF created and designed an interactive course, the Online Business Entrepreneur Course (OBEC). The course will help you, a global beauty professional, turn your visions into successful and lucrative ventures.

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OBEC provides essential training for anyone in the beauty industry who seeks to make the transition from working at a job – to successfully working as an entrepreneur.

OBEC touches every topic that business owners face at one time or another. The course follows a linear, detailed timeline. It provides a step-by-step guide that teaches you how to develop a business that will help you achieve your dream.

OBEC offers a complete starter package for the budding entrepreneur. It can also provide a professional development course for seasoned entrepreneurs who plan to expand their business.

OBEC provides accurate and authoritative information, rich with resources that guide your educational journey. The course does not provide legal or accounting advice. Instead, we encourage students to seek the services of a competent attorney and/or accountant.

OBEC candidates must meet three proven qualifications in order to become tuition-free students, for this remarkable opportunity. Those qualifications are commitment, persistence, and focus. To be considered, submit a completed Participant Profile application. Applications will be reviewed, and all students will be notified accordingly. Approved students will be given a start date and an access code.

OBEC starts with a self-evaluation designed to discover your entrepreneurial mindset and lifestyle. This initial module will assist you in developing a Life Plan: your roadmap to success.

OBEC includes a number of modules, each presented by a subject matter expert in their respective field. The modules are timed, and you must complete them in order. The subjects of each module (see course outline) are the nuts and bolts that keep businesses running successfully.

OBEC is special. We differ from other courses in that our focus is on the Beauty Industry. You, future student, will have access to real world experiences from the masters of beauty and health.

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