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Beauty Event: ABLE Conversations Professional Stylist Edition

Any beauty service provider knows that your role is multi-faceted. We are counselors, secret holders, motivators and more. The ABLE Center started with concerns felt and heard from women and our founder, who is a Licensed Cosmetologist, when we meet in the salon. Programs have been created for the Everyday Working Woman but ABLE Conversations: Professional Stylist Edition has been created for the beauty professional!
The voice of a hairstylist, barber, makeup artist, or nail tech may be the first and sometimes the only one offering encouragement and motivation to those who need it. As hair and care professionals our position is very important to the heads we hold daily and ourselves. We have to maintain our business, safety, and personal lives as well.

ABLE Conversations Professional Stylist Edition is held once a quarter on a Monday during lunch hours. This quarterly meetup brings Cosmetologists, Barbers, Nail Techs, and Makeup Artists together to network, share resources, and have amazing conversations to strengthen personally and professionally.  Our meet up is scheduled for Monday, April 9, 2018 at 11:30am.

Beautypreneur Testimonial: Karen of Karen Wilson Natural Beauty

KarenPrior to becoming a successful beautypreneur, Karen earned three college degrees. She soon realized that her hobby of caring for natural hair was indeed a passion. In preparation for the world of entrepreneurship, Karen did everything by the book.  She enrolled in business and marketing classes and even built relationships throughout the community. She soon launched her business, Karen Wilson Natural Beauty, and quickly discovered that the preparation she thought would prepare her to be a successful beautypreneur was simply not enough.

She then sought the advice of Mrs. LB and was advised on strategies and techniques that were proven to help a new beautypreneur succeed. She was connected to other successful beautypreneurs and the rest is history.

After completely revamping her business, Karen Wilson Natural Beauty has since expanded and is consistently on a pattern of growth and success.