Beauty Event: ABLE Conversations Professional Stylist Edition

Any beauty service provider knows that your role is multi-faceted. We are counselors, secret holders, motivators and more. The ABLE Center started with concerns felt and heard from women and our founder, who is a Licensed Cosmetologist, when we meet in the salon. Programs have been created for the Everyday Working Woman but ABLE Conversations: Professional Stylist Edition has been created for the beauty professional!
The voice of a hairstylist, barber, makeup artist, or nail tech may be the first and sometimes the only one offering encouragement and motivation to those who need it. As hair and care professionals our position is very important to the heads we hold daily and ourselves. We have to maintain our business, safety, and personal lives as well.

ABLE Conversations Professional Stylist Edition is held once a quarter on a Monday during lunch hours. This quarterly meetup brings Cosmetologists, Barbers, Nail Techs, and Makeup Artists together to network, share resources, and have amazing conversations to strengthen personally and professionally.  Our meet up is scheduled for Monday, April 9, 2018 at 11:30am.

Seeking Committee Members

The 3rd Biennial Gala is approaching. In an effort to make this event as impactful as possible, we are seeking volunteers to serve on the gala committee. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a volunteer for this event. The following opportunities are available:

Registration Committee

  • Collect tickets day of event
  • Pass out programs
  • Fill out email address forms

Decorating Committee

  • Set up day of event
  • VIP tables and reserved seating
  • Table clothes/decorations for high-top tables
  • Center Piece
  • Pink Carpet (

Raffle Committee (50/50)

  • Sell tickets day of event

Silent Auction Committee

  • Engage attendees to participate
  • Bag items for winners

Host Committee

  • Greeting
  • VIP table seating
  • Assist serving special needs attendees

Become a Sponsor

LB Beauty Education Foundation (LBBEF) is a non-profit organization providing business education to professionals, in the beauty industry, through a community collaborative approach. We are hosting our 3 rd Biennial Gala for the LB Beauty Foundation, Inc. An Evening Celebrating Love, Beauty and Hope.

This year’s fundraising event will honor and acknowledge breast cancer survivors and families, and raise awareness of the disease. It will take place on September 29, 2018 from 7p.m. to 11p.m., located at the Bons Secours Washington Redskins Training Center, 2401 West Leigh Street, Richmond, Virginia. Platinum, Gold, and Silver sponsorship levels are available.

Sponsorship benefits include a variety of benefits and your contribution is tax deductible. The proceeds from the event will help to expand partnerships and educational opportunities for aspiring and existing beauty entrepreneurs, and to enhance LBBEF’s Online Business Development Course. We are confident that with your support this event will be memorable and successful.

Thank you again for your time and consideration. We look forward to a fabulous and fun event on September 29, 2018. Please contact Mrs. LaFarn Burton at 804-249-6200 or 804-366-8091, if you have any questions or comments.

Professional Point of View: Pierre Greene, MBA

It’s no secret that being an entrepreneur can be quite overwhelming. Entrepreneurs wear many hats and oftentimes take on too much. This leads to “burn out” and other stressful circumstances. Hiring or seeking the advice of professionals is something that we must do.

For our readers and aspiring entrepreneurs, LBBEF had the opportunity to interview veteran financial planner Mr. Pierre Greene to answer this question: “Why is it important that beauty professionals claim all of their income?”


Beautypreneur Testimonial: Kenyada of Queen Rising


In 2006, I decided to pursue my dreams and complete my formal education to earn my license. I succeeded and began working at a chain salon and private salon before opening my very own business. Having sat in on a few of the presentations for the first LBBEF class, I picked up on so much information that I could later implement in my own business.

What really changed my way of thinking was my attendance at the very first Master Pioneer Awards ceremony. One of the common themes that permeated the award recipients’ speeches was that of loss – the loss of relationships. Sacrifice – the sacrifice that you make with your time in order to be successful. Well, success was not that important to me. I wanted to be a dedicated wife and involved mother. Certainly, it is possible to do and be all of these things, but I was convinced otherwise.

While operating my salon, I was at a place where I was really ready to be a family woman. The masculinity involved in “hustling” was draining for me. I didn’t like the idea of “no sick days” or no “paid time off”. Can you tell that I came from the corporate world? Fast forward two years in and I was ready to marry and fast forward a few months after that…I was pregnant. I needed insurance to cover costs and I needed sick time. None of this would be possible given the current stage of my business…and so I let it go.

I went back to the corporate world, but soon discovered (thanks to the Creator) that my purpose was that of uplifting, inspiring and helping women embrace the power that is femininity. You see, this is what I was doing from behind the chair while owning my business. Now, I do it online via my blog.

Being exposed to a network of successful beauty entrepreneurs helped me make a pivotal decision in terms of my business, but most importantly my purpose.

My name is Kenyada and I am a Queen Rising.

Beautypreneur Testimonial: Karen of Karen Wilson Natural Beauty

KarenPrior to becoming a successful beautypreneur, Karen earned three college degrees. She soon realized that her hobby of caring for natural hair was indeed a passion. In preparation for the world of entrepreneurship, Karen did everything by the book.  She enrolled in business and marketing classes and even built relationships throughout the community. She soon launched her business, Karen Wilson Natural Beauty, and quickly discovered that the preparation she thought would prepare her to be a successful beautypreneur was simply not enough.

She then sought the advice of Mrs. LB and was advised on strategies and techniques that were proven to help a new beautypreneur succeed. She was connected to other successful beautypreneurs and the rest is history.

After completely revamping her business, Karen Wilson Natural Beauty has since expanded and is consistently on a pattern of growth and success.

Beautypreneur Testimonial: Holly Byrd-Miller of Makeup by Holly

Beautypreneur Holly Byrd-Miller of Makeup by Holly shares her testimonial and how LBBEF has helped her become a better businesswoman.


Graduate Testimonial: A faith walk from the beginning

Stephanie SmithI believe that it was 2006 when I had my first conversation with Mrs. LaFarn Burton (Mz. LB to most).  Our conversation entailed discussions about the programs that her Academy offered.  After our ‘meet and greet’ I felt very comfortable with her and the school.  I registered, enrolled and began night classes.  At that time the school was located on Clay Street, I was the only night student and Mz. LB was my instructor.

Beautypreneur Profile: Iyanni Scott

Iyanni ScottIyanni Scott is a nine-year-old beautypreneur with a love for lipgloss. With the support of her mother, Janika Scott, she began researching how to create her own lipgloss.
In roughly thirty days little Miss Iyanni whipped up her first sample gloss and decided to call her new line Shimmer & Shine by Iyanni Scott. Her first batch sold out in three days and they are nearly sold out of the second batch.

Check out her YouTube channel and stay tuned for the launch of her website!

Enrollment is now open for OBEC!

Online Business Education Course

Online Business Education Course

We are now accepting application for our Online Business Education Course (OBEC). This eight-week, online workshop is designed to provide aspiring beauty entrepreneurs with the business fundamentals required to operate a successful beauty business. The deadline to apply is December 11, 2016.

Accepted applicants will be notified on December 16, 2016 and class begins on January 9, 2017. Participants will draft a business plan, learn basic technology and social media skills, develop a wellness statement, discuss financial implications of entrepreneurship and much more!

The beauty business is not always as glamorous as it seems. Join us for your chance to hear from seasoned beauty professionals and subject matter experts in areas ranging from real estate, financial planning, human resources and more!